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Unattractive Metal Fillings & Crowns

Teeth that need to be filled no longer have to be marred by traditional silver/ grey amalgam fillings. Instead tooth coloured composite resins(white fillings) can make your fillings virtually invisible to the untrained eye.

Which side would you prefer?

Updating metal fillings section by section at your own pace

If cavities have become too large for a direct filling, we can treat them with an inlay or onlay. These are custom made by our CAD/CAM Cerec or at a dental laboratory to provide an accurate match to your natural teeth and once bonded in place are very strong.

Bigger fillings updated with Cerecs

For an even larger cavity where the tooth is too weak to support another filling or inlay, the best option may be a crown. This fully covers the remaining tooth and is individually made by a technician to match the colour of your other teeth.

Structurally compromised teeth made strong for the long term with traditional crowns

To gain the most natural appearance we now successfully provide more metal-free crown materials. These let light pass through them in the same way as a natural tooth creating superb aesthetics.

Eliminating a lifeless crown with a grey margin by switching to metal free

Cerec replacing gold – note on the other molar a porcelain bonded to metal crown looks more grey

Whiter & Brighter Porcelain Veneers Stained & Discoloured Metal Fillings & Crowns Chipped & Worn Teeth Gaps & Missing Teeth Crooked Teeth Uneven Gums


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