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Dental health requires continual maintenance, similar to running a car to help prevent dental disease and in order to help with this maintenance, and subject to the terms and conditions set out on our website, our individual dentists at EDHT are pleased to offer a personal guarantee for their own restorative work.

All guarantees and warranties given by a treating dentist at EDHT are subject to the patient’s personal circumstances, which will be determined via an individual assessment carried out prior to treatment based on the state of the tooth before treatment, the likelihood of the individual patient suffering from tooth decay or gum disease, the state of the tooth including but not limited to the impact of clenching and grinding, as well as personal lifestyle choices.

The guarantees and warranties given by the individual treating dentist will be honoured by them, provided the following conditions are met and recommended post-treatment care advice is followed:

For the avoidance of doubt, the guarantees and warranties apply only to the restoration provided. They do not cover any deterioration in the underlying tooth e.g., if a root treatment is required or part of a tooth crumbles necessitating a more extensive restoration. The guarantees and warranties will not apply should a compromise treatment plan need to be undertaken at the request of the patient, or for treatments where the normal success rates are diminished such as repeat root canal treatments or apicectomies. The guarantees and warranties do not cover any consequential loss for failed treatment. The appearance (aesthetics) of restorations long term cannot be guaranteed as natural changes in a patient’s mouth can affect the initial result.

In the first twelve months following the completion of initial treatment that has been guaranteed by the treating dentist (the “relevant treatment”) and contained in the written patient treatment plan, any restorative or replacement work required will be covered under the guarantee.

Additionally, complex treatment may be eligible for an extended warranty of 5 years, as confirmed in the written patient treatment plan. Under this warranty, the cost contribution for replacement works for these treatments will be split between the treating dentist and the patient on the following percentages:

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