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Your frequently asked dental questions …answered!

by Evesham Dental, on 26th February 2016 | Comments Off on Your frequently asked dental questions …answered!
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There are lots of myths surrounding dental care, so the dentists, hygienists and dental nurses Evesham Dental Health Team thought we would take a look at some frequently asked questions and provide you with some helpful answers.

I haven’t seen a dentist for years. Won’t they just tell me off?

Many people worry that their dentist will be shocked and appalled by the state of a neglected mouth and that this will result in a severe telling off. The truth is that our dentists are fully trained medical professionals. They have seen countless people with less than perfect teeth and they will be pleased that you have taken the step to visit them. Our Evesham dentists are trained to help you and will go about your treatment in a professional manner. If you feel that your mouth is in a poor condition, don’t put off a visit for another moment, contact us today.

I’m not experiencing any problems, so I don’t need to visit the dentist do I?

It is far better to spot a dental issue early than wait for it to become painful – and more expensive to treat. Evesham Dental Health Team’s principal dentist, Richard Colebourne said: “Regular dental health examinations are extremely important and we recommend visits take place at least annually.

“Regular examinations provide us with an ideal opportunity to make sure there are no signs of dental decay and to carry out a mouth cancer screening. If we do find that you need treatment, it is much easier and less painful to treat early. Leaving longer between visits could result in you needing to have much more lengthy and expensive surgery.”

Everyone has gum disease to some extent. Don’t I need to just brush more gently?

It is true that gum disease affects a huge number of people in the UK – some 95 per cent of adults and around 50 per cent of teenagers. What is also true is that the early stages of gum disease can be completely reversible – the latter stages are not.

What is false is the belief that brushing more gently will solve the problem. If your gums bleed when you brush this is a good indication that you have gum disease. Instead of brushing more gently, you should in fact brush more thoroughly and for longer.

Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss but often goes unnoticed as it progresses without pain. We have lots of information on our Gum Care page, so if you want to keep your teeth for life, please read on.

Won’t dental problems just go away on their own?

No! If you experience a problem with your dental health, ignoring it and taking painkillers will not help. Please visit our Evesham dentists and let them find out the cause. Leaving it alone will mean the problem will most likely worsen resulting in a more painful issue than if you had seen your dentist straightaway.

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