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Smiles are one of our greatest assets

by Dental Design, on 30th August 2022 | Comments Off on Smiles are one of our greatest assets

Smiles help us communicate our thoughts and emotions, and give us extra confidence in our relationships, social life and career. So, it makes sense to give our smiles (and our mouths) the best care possible, explain the hygienists and dental therapists at Evesham Dental Health Team.

Looking after our smiles is really important and can improve our quality of life.

Whether you are a younger person, adult, or older person, keeping your mouth healthy can be easy – if you know how.

Make sure you follow these healthy habits:

* Use a fluoride toothpaste.

* Cut down how much and how often you have sugar.

* Brush your tongue.

* Brush your teeth last thing at night and when you wake up, before breakfast in the morning.

* Clean in between your teeth everyday with interdental brushes or floss.

* Only use a mouthwash if advised to do so.

* Visit us as often as we recommend.

These simple steps are essential for good oral health. They will also take no longer than six minutes a day – so it’s a pretty good use of time too.

Why are my teeth so important?

Our teeth vary in shape and size depending on where they are in our mouth. These differences allow our teeth to do many different jobs. Teeth help us to chew and digest food. They help us to talk, and to pronounce different sounds clearly. Finally, teeth help to give our face shape and a friendly smile.

Don’t forget to clean between your teeth

Although most people brush regularly, many don’t clean between their teeth and some people don’t have regular dental health examinations.

A few small changes in our daily routine can make a big difference, not just to the teeth and gums, but also to your overall health and wellness in the long term. Your dental hygienist can remove any build-up on your teeth and treat any gum disease that has already appeared. But daily dental care is up to you, and the main tools to use are the toothbrush, toothpaste and interdental cleaning brushes for cleaning between your teeth.

Depending on your stage of life, you may have different challenges when looking after your oral health. If you need any extra help, please ask us for details.

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