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White & Brighter Teeth

Tooth Whitening

“Adding a special sparkle to your smile”.

Tooth whitening is becoming increasingly popular as more and more of us realise what a huge impact it can have on our smile and confidence. A brighter smile can help us to look younger and healthier, and makes us feel so good that we cannot help smiling at everyone!
And the best thing of all is that professional tooth whitening is much more affordable these days, so it is easy to add it to your preparations for a special event, or simply incorporate it into your list of desirable and achievable beauty treatments.

“The facts behind the smile”.

Tooth whitening is a gentle and pain-free way of brightening your teeth, removing stains and making them whiter. Contrary to whitening toothpastes, professional whitening doesn’t just remove surface stain but actually permeates into the teeth making them whiter throughout. What’s more, the professional technique causes no harm to teeth.
Before carrying out the treatment, we will examine your teeth carefully to ensure they are suitable for whitening. If they are, we can discuss which whitening procedure will suit your lifestyle best. We use state-of-the-art teeth whitening systems and can offer the following safe and effective treatment options:

Home whitening

zoom teeth whiteningOur tried and tested traditional technique – we take an impression of your teeth and prepare custom-made trays that fit perfectly onto your teeth. We will show you how to apply the whitening gel so that you can then carry out the whitening by yourself, at home or at work. You can use the gel overnight whilst you sleep, or for a shorter time during the day. This method offers you the flexibility to whiten your teeth in stages and to focus on particular teeth if you wish. We are happy to see you as a guest patient if whitening is not available at your own dental practice.

Enlighten Deep Whitening

enlighten-logoPatients choose Enlighten when they want the ultimate whitening of their teeth. Enlighten evolution 3 is the only whitening system in the world to guarantee VITA shade B1 on every case irrespective of starting shade. This technique leaves nothing to chance by combining 2-weeks of enhanced home whitening with an in office deep whitening experience afterwards. We let you sit back, relax, watch a DVD and you leave with a whiter, more confident smile.

Enlighten has been called the biggest breakthrough in Tooth Whitening in the last 15 years.

It is the only system in the world to guarantee that the teeth will get to a “VITA shade B1” which is the whitest shade on a regular dentist shade guide. The teeth look really naturally white after the treatment – unlike treatment where porcelain is used like veneers or crowns.

The breakthrough is that the guarantee applies to every single patient regardless of starting colour, age, lifestyle or dietary habits.

The procedure is simple and takes 2 weeks for 95% of patients. The dentist takes a special super accurate impression of your teeth and sends this to Enlighten’s dedicated lab where custom-made bleaching trays are made. The patient wears the trays for 14 nights and then visits the dentist on the 15th day for a 40 minute in surgery session.

Amazingly the concentration of the gel the dentist uses in the Enlighten system is a quarter the concentration of most other whitening systems. This is possible due to the increase in permeability achieved by using the special bleaching trays.

Results last indefinitely as long as you wear the trays 6 nights a year after your treatment. There aren’t even any special dietary instructions so you can keep drinking coffee and red wine.

There have been many celebrity clients including several high profile models and pop stars.

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White Wedding

white3Increasing numbers of brides-to-be are now opting for extra-white teeth when planning for their walk down the aisle. They have realised that their wedding is one of the most important days of their lives, and that the way they look will be captured on film which will be looked at for decades to come.
Little wonder then that as well as investing in a gorgeous gown, a very special hairstyle and fantastic flowers, they are also going for a sparkling smile….

Holiday Sparkle

Jetting off to the sun soon? Many people are now adding tooth whitening to their holiday preparation list to help boost the feel-good factor they get from feeling tanned, relaxed and happy.
Some simply love the fact that it enhances their tan and bronzed looks even more, while others feel that a confident smile will be a huge help if they are looking for a little holiday romance.
Either way, even when you’re back at work with your holiday just a distant memory, you’ll still be left with a gorgeous smile.

Dressing to Impress

Everyone loves dressing up for a special occasion. Whether it’s a special date, a graduation ball or a ‘big’ birthday or anniversary, we all like to look our best.
Now many people are making sure their smile looks its best too with professional tooth whitening carried out by a dentist.
Who knows – it could even help you to meet the man or woman of your dreams!

Giving a Gift That Lasts

groupWouldn’t it be great if you could give someone a really special gift that would help them to look and feel great, not just for a few days but for months to come?
Well now you can. A professional tooth whitening treatment can make a huge difference to the way someone feels, and can turn a person who is self-conscious about their smile into someone who is so confident about it that you can hardly stop them from smiling all the time!
And, unlike other feel-good gifts such as a few days at a beauty spa or a weekend away, the effects of tooth whitening can last for years – so every time your loved one looks in the mirror they’ll remember you!

Holding Back the Years

As the years go by our teeth get darker, which in turn makes us look older. So instead of going under the knife for expensive and invasive cosmetic surgery, many people are now opting for professional tooth whitening as a much easier way of turning back the clock. And while other non-surgical anti-ageing methods often only last a few months, your brighter teeth will, with care, last for years. Now that’s what we call a real value-for-money investment!

Before and After Home Whitening

Before and After Enlighten Whitening


Combined Inside / Outside Home Whitening for root filled discoloured teeth


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