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Healthy Kids


Good dental health is a fantastic benefit you can provide your child. Dental care for children should start before teeth erupt, and it is vital that parents stay actively involved. In fact more and more evidence indicates that unfavourable dental health in the parents’ risks being passed on to the children. Bacteria and dental diseases are easily transmitted between family members. At Evesham Dental Health Team best dental health is achieved when the whole family receives preventative dental care.

Early Dental Care for Children

It is recommended that children visit the dentist as early as possible; this not only gives a head start in preventing tooth decay but also allows the child to become familiar with visiting the dental team. We advise that children are first seen around the age of one year old, before or around the time that the primary teeth begin to erupt. Parents are advised of the best dental health techniques and dietary habits for the development of a perfect dentition. The primary teeth have a bearing on the strength and alignment of the permanent teeth so care from a young age is very important.

Personal Dental Care

Setting the example and stressing the importance of good dental care is something that children will thank you for in later life. At first run a damp cloth over your baby’s gums after meals to help prevent bacteria growth and when a few baby teeth have appeared, start brushing with a children’s brush, twice a day. Make the dental routine fun for young children by turning the task into a game and something to look forward to. If you take only five to ten minutes per day on dental care when your child is young, this will be enough to set in place a good daily dental regime. Fluoride toothpaste helps to strengthen the enamel and has enabled improved dental health – only use a pea-sized amount and don’t rinse afterwards.

Good Dietary Habits for Teeth

Children are very susceptible to tooth decay due to the frequency of food and drinks with sugar – keep sugary foods to a minimum and select only sugar free snacks and drinks between meals.Especially avoid babies and children going to sleep with drinks anything other than water. The sugars in the juice or milk will stay on the teeth for hours.

The Importance of Dental Visits

Help your child see that the dentist is the person who will help look after their teeth and keep them in the best possible condition. The usual dental appointment timescale is every six months, and in an ideal world if a child has adhered to a daily dental routine they will only need no more than a check-up. But six months is a long time in terms of tooth decay, and it is the responsibility of both the child and the parent to make sure daily dental health is taken seriously as a preventative measure.

It’s much better for everyone to prevent problems than have to treat them, so cleaning teeth twice a day and taking care about dietary habits can save a great deal of time and dental treatment in the long run.

Protect Your Child

The largest amount of sports injuries are dental related. It is recommended that children use mouthguards when playing sports. Other forms of protection such as fissure sealants and fluoride varnish applications are routinely provided for vulnerable teeth.

A traumatic fall

Smiling happily again

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