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Immediate Replacement

(Implant Placement when the tooth is removed)

Sometimes a tooth breaks beyond repair and should be removed. The alternatives are to live with a gap in your smile or replace the tooth with an implant, bridge or denture. We will discuss each choice with you.


It is often a shock to be suddenly missing a tooth and so we are pleased that our practice is able to place an immediate implant and provisional crown at the time that the tooth is extracted. In most situations the appearance of your smile is immediately recovered or even improved. New bone will fill in around the implant as it integrates over the following 3-6months and by supporting the gum during healing, the aesthetics are maintained. This technique is favoured for visible teeth nearer the front of the mouth and might not be possible when severe infection is present or heavy biting forces are unavoidable.


In a more traditional implant technique the tooth is removed and the site allowed to heal for 3-6 months giving time to allow bone to fill in the extraction socket before an implant is placed. In this situation whilst the socket heals and implant integrates the missing tooth can be replaced by a temporary bridge, a removable denture or a clear retainer containing the missing tooth. We will always find a way to keep you smiling throughout.

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