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Dental Implants

Eat what you like and laugh when you want! Why should missing teeth cause you to miss out on life?

Modern techniques make it possible for almost everyone who has missing or failing teeth to qualify for dental implant treatment. Implants can help you say goodbye to dentures and bridges.

Exactly what is an implant?


The simplest analogy for a dental implant is that of a wall plug, screw and framed picture. A dental implant is typically a small root shaped wall plug. At Evesham Dental Health Team we use Nobel Biocare dental implants which are biocompatible and manufactured of strong commercially pure titanium. It is gently fixed within the bone to take the place of a missing tooth root. The bone heals firmly to the titanium implant surface, a process known as osseointegration. An abutment (screw) is attached tightly into the implant and it is onto this that we attach your new tooth or smile (see picture).

With dental implants, the benefits are many

Improved appearance – Loss of teeth results in shrinkage (resorption) of the jaw, and this can make your face look older. When a root is missing, bone continues to shrink creating an undesirable visible defect under a denture or bridge false tooth. By placing an implant this shrinkage process is reduced, preserving the shape and structure of the remaining bone.

Eat what you want – Implant-supported teeth act like natural teeth since they are fixed securely. This allows you to eat your favourite foods with comfort and confidence. You can enjoy what everyone else is eating and not think twice about it.

Maintain healthy adjacent teeth – Traditional bridgework requires one or two adjacent good teeth to be compromised in order to suspend the replacement tooth. With dental implants the need to modify the neighbouring healthy teeth is eliminated, resulting in a more conservative and aesthetic replacement.

Improve self-esteem – For many people the thought of having a gap or else a denture is not emotionally acceptable to their self-esteem or lifestyle. With the benefits of dental implants life can continue with renewed confidence. Dental implants provide the closest alternative to having natural teeth back.

Let me take you through the implant process

The process of having dental implant treatment normally involves several steps which take place over a three to nine month period.

Assessment and Planning – A typical process starts off with a consultation where all possible alternative treatments are discussed and the feasibility of providing implant treatment assessed. Radiographs and models of your teeth will be required. The determining factors are a sufficient amount of quality bone, good oral hygiene and generally good health. A written treatment plan will be given to detail the conclusions we have made at assessment, the sequence of the proposed chosen treatment and the investment required.

Implant placement – A gentle surgical procedure is performed with sterile conditions under local anesthetic. If the underlying bone is judged to be deficient, a number of options will have been discussed for bone regeneration. This may be carried out prior to, or at the same time as the implant placement.

Integration period – Although some implants can be restored as a tooth and made to function immediately or soon after placement, it is often more usual to allow a period of three or more months healing so that bone can form a strong bond to the implant. During this integration phase the previous denture or else an adhesive bridge can be worn over the implant so that you are never left without a tooth.

The restorative phase – Once integrated, the implants may need to be uncovered and brought into function with a variety of restorations, ranging from a single crown to replace one tooth, to an implant retained fixed bridge for multiple missing teeth, or if preferred a removable overdenture clipped securely to the implants. The replacement teeth are constructed by a specialist dental laboratory working together with the practice and will carefully match the size, shape and colour of your own teeth.

Maintenance – For long-term success you’ll need to clean around the implant conscientiously and attend regular health reviews so that we can verify the health of the surrounding gum and bone as well as the integrity of the implant restoration.


Frequently asked questions

Is the treatment painful?

Our patients are usually surprised at how little discomfort they experience during and after implant procedures.

Will I be able to eat what I like afterwards?
Once completed, patients should be able to eat a normal, healthy diet with little or no difficulty.

How long will it all take?

Usually implant treatment requires a number of appointments over a period of several months. In some circumstances, implant work can provide a same day replacement of problem teeth.

How long will implants last?

Statistically implants are one of the most successful dental treatments, lasting for many years, however it is always wisest to think that nothing will last forever. If implants fail to integrate due to poor bone quality or healing potential, this will be apparent early on, and an alternative strategy can be planned. If wear and tear damages an implant it is usually possible to replace just the relevant component and we’ll reassess how the damage occurred to help prevent recurrence.

Am I too old for implant treatment?

There is no upper limit for patients to undergo implant treatment, provided they enjoy reasonable good health. At the practice we have had 92 year old patients having implants to enjoy eating again.

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