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Our toothbrush amnesty

by Evesham Dental, on 11th May 2015 | Comments Off on Our toothbrush amnesty

Last Updated on 11th May 2015

In support of National Smile Month from May 18 to June 18, Evesham Dental Health Team in Worcestershire is holding a toothbrush amnesty.

Anyone booking a new patient consultation are invited to bring in their old manual toothbrush during National Smile Month and we will replace it free of charge.

National Smile Month has been raising the importance of dental health and wellbeing since 1976 and remains the UK’s largest and longest running oral health campaign.

Organised by oral health charity, the British Dental Health Foundation, the campaign hopes to make a positive difference to the oral health of millions of people throughout the UK – which is why we are keen to support it and do our bit to help spread the message to people across Evesham, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Worcester and Cheltenham.

Here are some fun facts that you might not know:

  • Half of us brush our tongue when we brush our teeth
  • It takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile
  • Earrings, business cards, keys, matchsticks and screwdrivers – just some of the bizarre objects we admit to using to get food particles out of our teeth
  • On a night out, 80% of us would be more likely to talk to somebody we didn’t know if they smiled at us
  • A ‘smile’ comes top of the things we first notice when meeting a new person
  • More than half of us wouldn’t tell a friend or colleague if they had bad breath in fear of risking a friendship
  • Teeth/Smiles are rated the second most important attraction feature, after personality, and the most important body feature surveyed (including body shape, height, hair, face and eyes). In contrast, nearly half the population are unhappy with their teeth (48%) with discoloured teeth (64 per cent) the main reason for being unhappy
  • More than half of us would share our toothbrush with somebody: 24% to our partner, 18% to our child, 7% to a friend and 6% to a celebrity
  • Almost 60% of us say we regularly floss, however, sales in the UK indicate that the true figure is actually more like 5%
  • One in five of us cannot remember when we last changed our toothbrush
  • One in four think electric toothbrushes are for lazy people while a third believe they do not have to brush for as long when using one
  • One in five says that fluoride is a marketing gimmick
  • A toothbrush came top of the list of things we could not do without when we go on holiday
  • If we only had five minutes to get ready in the morning, one in twenty would skip brushing our teeth
  • More than half of us think Brits have bad teeth
  • The colour yellow makes us smile the most, whereas purple makes us smile the least
  • Chocolate comes top of the foods that make us smile the most, followed then by Sunday roast, a curry and a fry-up
  • When seeking a new partner, a smile is top of the most sought after physical attributes, beating body shape, dress sense and eyes

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