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Are you living with an uncomfortable mouth?

by Evesham Dental, on 17th May 2016 | Comments Off on Are you living with an uncomfortable mouth?

Last Updated on 17th May 2016

A comfortable mouth is a wonderful thing and something we rarely give much thought to until there’s a problem. When issues do strike we have two choices: address them or grin and bear it.

At Evesham Dental Health Team, it always amazes us how many new patients from Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire have been living with uncomfortable mouths or coping strategies.

How many of us say no to an ice-cream because we have sensitive teeth? Choose soft food instead of steak because we are afraid our bridges or dentures won’t cope? Chew on one side of our mouth because the other is uncomfortable or we have missing teeth? Or take painkillers for the headaches caused by an incorrect bite?

No more grinning and bearing it!

If you can remember just how easy it was to have a comfortable mouth and you want to return to those happy days, let us know and we will do all we can to help.

Our nurse and dentist appointments give us time to listen to your concerns and you can rest assured that we have a range of affordable solutions to restore your mouth to full fitness.

Sensitive teeth?

Sometimes all it takes is an x-ray to help identify the problem and a short course of treatment – often in a single visit – to get you eating hot and cold food again.

Headaches from bite problems?

Specially-crafted mouth guards can help alleviate tooth clenching and grinding allowing you to have a better night’s sleep and no facial pain or headaches on waking. It sounds too good to be true but it isn’t.

Want to eat whatever you fancy?

Start enjoying the food you once loved by replacing any missing teeth with a bridge, denture or dental implant. Leaving the gap is never a good idea because your other teeth will drift into the space causing problems with your bite, and making oral hygiene more difficult.

Sore & bleeding gums?

Address gum disease by booking a hygiene appointment today. Your gums will improve and so will your overall health.

Are you wearing your teeth away?

Tooth wear can cause tooth sensitivity and can lead to changes in your bite, which can in turn cause headaches and neck and back pain. It is an increasingly common problem that should not be ignored.

Our solutions

We are firm believers in minimally invasive dentistry wherever possible and this means we do our best to conserve healthy tooth tissue. Give our helpful team a call for more information and start living your life to the full with a comfortable, pain-free mouth.

Our door is always open to new patients, so please feel free to pop into our lovely, welcoming practice on Broadway Road in Evesham or contact us for more information.

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