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Forming healthy teeth partnerships with our patients

by Evesham Dental Health Team, on 4th September 2023 | Comments Off on Forming healthy teeth partnerships with our patients
Forming healthy teeth partnerships with our patients

At a time when most households are feeling the squeeze, Evesham Dental Health Team thought now would be good to remind readers about the importance of maintaining great dental care between visits.

Visiting our dental practice in Broadway Road as often as recommended is vital for helping us spot any potential issues before they become painful or more expensive to treat. But it is the all-important partnership between our dentists, hygiene team and the care you give your teeth at home that will help keep them healthy for life.

The four key messages highlighted during National Smile Month 2023 explained that we should all:

  1. Brush our teeth for two minutes, last thing at night and when we wake up in the morning with a fluoride toothpaste.
  2. Clean between our teeth every day, with floss or interdental brushes.
  3. Cut down how much and how often we have sugary foods and drinks.
  4. Visit the dentist regularly.

Brushing at bedtime is important because the fluoride in our toothpaste will continue to protect our teeth while we sleep.

Remember: spit don’t rinse! Rinsing after toothbrushing washes away the fluoride protection.
Use floss or interdental brushes before toothbrushing to remove any plaque between your teeth.

Our dental and hygiene team can suggest the right sized interdental brushes for your mouth, as well as providing dietary advice, such as eating sugar in one sitting rather than snacking throughout the day, not drinking sugary drinks, including fruit juices and squash.

Joining a monthly dental health plan can help spread the cost of essential dental and hygiene care and save you money.

What does Membership at Evesham Dental Health Team include?

Regular detailed health assessments at intervals dependent on your needs, providing:

  • screening for oral cancer and dental disease.
  • advice on any dental health, functional or cosmetic aspect.

Regular hygienist appointments at intervals dependent on your needs, providing:

  • prevention of bad breath, cleaning and polishing
  • preventive knowledge and techniques to reduce tooth decay and gum disease
  • stain removal and maintenance of a clean fresh smile

Radiographs – all x-rays (except cone beam CT) are included.

£20 off new patient Comprehensive Assessments.

10% reduction in fees for ANY additional treatment (membership loyalty bonus), including:

  • initial hygienist visits to recover health
  • your choice of fillings and other dental treatment
  • laboratory made treatments such as veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures and implants
  • any cosmetic treatment

Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme

  • Eligibility to request assistance following a dental trauma and/or dental emergency or oral cancer.

Continuing access and care as a valued member of Evesham Dental Health Team.

It’s never too late to make a positive change and improve your oral health. If you’d like some guidance or advice, just get in touch.

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