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Do you have a problem going numb at the dentist?

by Dental Design, on 5th April 2023 | Comments Off on Do you have a problem going numb at the dentist?

Last Updated on 19th April 2023

Local anaesthetic causes absence of pain. It stops the part of your body sending signals to your brain. You shouldn’t be able to feel any discomfort after having a local anaesthetic, although you may still feel some pressure or movement.

It normally only takes a few minutes to lose feeling in the area where a local anaesthetic is given and full sensation should return when worn off a few hours later.

Dentists use local anaesthetic to numb areas of the mouth that require dental treatments, including fillings and implants. It is administered using an injection. Many people, anxious or not, dislike having injections and so we work hard at making these as comfortable and effective as possible.

One of our patients left us the most wonderful Google review recently explaining his experience of treatment at Evesham Dental Health Team on Broadway Road.

“I have to say a huge thanks to Dr Richard Colebourne of the Evesham Dental Health Team for getting me to go numb without sedation for the first time ever, following years of dental treatments that had left me extremely anxious.

Apart from the really nice waiting room, relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, what I would really like to focus on is why anyone who has also had problems with going numb and understandably avoids going to a dentist, should try Dr Colebourne.

Nearly every dentist I’ve been to in the past, tended to want to start drilling as soon as they could, even though they knew you hadn’t gone numb – usually saying don’t worry, I’m sure the anaesthetic will kick in soon. It never did and I won’t dwell on what always happened next.

It soon became clear to me that Dr Colebourne really does believe in pain free dentistry. The process definitely does not start with the drill. There was absolutely no way he would even think about starting any work until both of us were confident that the area was numb.

Personally I would say it’s all a question of trust and this would probably apply to anyone else who has ever had trouble going numb. I trusted him 100% that he wouldn’t start any drilling if the anaesthetic didn’t kick in.

Based on past experience I really wasn’t expecting the anaesthetic to work but to my amazement and delight, within a minute or two the area started going numb. Even at this point Dr Colebourne wasn’t prepared to start until he had allowed plenty of time for the anaesthetic to fully take effect.

Only when both of us were certain that the area was totally numb, did he ask me if it was okay to start work. He stressed that if at any time I felt any pain he would immediately stop. The first pain free dental work, using only anaesthetic and without sedation, I had experienced in 58 years – wonderful.

So if you’ve experienced problems with anaesthetic not working, I would urge you to contact Dr Colebourne in Evesham. Having dental work done doesn’t have to be painful and it’s worth travelling any distance to avoid the alternative.”

We would like to say a big thank you to our patient for sharing their positive experience with Richard and the Evesham Dental Health Team. It’s wonderful to hear that he had a comfortable experience and that our commitment to pain-free dentistry made such a difference.

We greatly appreciate the recommendation for others to seek care from Dr Richard Colebourne and we’re sure it will help and encourage many others who may have had similar experiences in the past to get in touch.

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