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Ditch your dentures & start living – choose implants in Evesham

by Evesham Dental, on 30th April 2018 | Comments Off on Ditch your dentures & start living – choose implants in Evesham

Last Updated on 9th May 2018

For many people, living with dentures is no life at all. There is a solution – dental implants. Evesham Dental Health Team has come up with its top 5 reasons why dental implants are a great solution for replacing missing teeth and dentures.

A whole set of teeth can be replaced with four supporting dental implants – you don’t need one implant for each missing tooth. To these implants, our skilled implant dentist, Richard Colebourne, can securely attach a fixed implant bridge or removable denture.

Taste what you’re eating

Upper dentures cover your palate and can lead to you being unable to taste your food. Dental implants replace the missing root, so your palate stays clear and you start enjoying food again.

Chew a steak & crunch an apple!

Not being able to eat the food you once loved is one of the main gripes our denture wearers have. Dental implants are anchored firmly in your jaw meaning no food is off limits.

Improve your appearance

Missing teeth can cause bone loss and your jawbone to shrink. Bone is stimulated when you chew food and this will happen again when you use dental implants.

Be more confident

When the jaw line reduces, dentures lose their fit. An implant-supported denture won’t slip, cause pain or become embarrassing – allowing you to eat, laugh and socialise with confidence.

Enjoy a comfortable mouth

If badly fitting dentures are causing you discomfort, book a free implant consultation with Dr Colebourne to find out how implants can help. Call our excellent quality private dental practice on Broadway Road now on 01386 422 833.

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